Our Product Photography makes Joules

We’re delighted to see the results of our product photography for Totally About You make it onto premium lifestyle brand Joules.

Product Photography Joules Online

“…Every online platform has a slightly different specification that the photos have to conform to. So we spent a lot of time working through the photography guides to make sure that every photo we took was compliant with Joules…”

Richard McLester | Director, Conical Sphere Media

For the shoot, we needed to do a mixture of photography styles. We started with the traditional white background shot that we’re all familiar with. The item shown as clearly and cleanly as possible on a blank background.

Finally for the lead images, we needed to get out into the country and photograph the products “in-situ”. So we visited a beautiful trout fishery in West Meon, Hampshire.

“…It’s very rewarding to see everything come together. There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes collating the photos and making sure they conform to what the retailer stipulates. Usually on a shoot like this we end up with at least a couple of hundred photos back to the client…”

Sam Tucker | Communications Lead, Conical Sphere Media

Growlers Stream

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