Remote Clifftop Livestreaming for OCOL

We loved getting down to Devon to produce an epic livestream production from the edge of a beautiful clifftop. Watch the result below, and remember – everything is live!

Throughout 2020-21, we took the time to develop our remote broadcasting capabilities running multiple livestream productions for our non-profit project One City One Light.

The result is that we have the ability to produce live content from literally anywhere! To make everything happen, we encode multiple cameras & drone and send the result over a wireless point to point link to our production vehicle. For this particular shoot, that was parked up around 2km away.

“…With the production vehicle 20 minutes walk away from the location, I rely on everyone in the team to set everything up 100%, communicate back to me – and finally when we are live to follow my every command. It’s awesome seeing everyone come together together to create something that is so in the moment…”

Toby Gardner | Technical Lead, Conical Sphere Media

Everything is done live, including the music – and although having a tight team is important for most projects, live broadcasting is certainly one discipline where the teamwork is key.

“…In previous film productions we were involved in there were large teams and a lot of post-production involved. Livestreaming opened up the possibilities that we could create cinematic & engaging content without all of those overheads…”

Richard McLester | Creative Director, Conical Sphere Media

See all the photos from behind the scenes:

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