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One Design, Every Device

Our websites are built and designed to be constantly supporting your business. That means they need to adapt and change to suit your needs and reflect the services you are promoting.

As your business grows and develops, this allows us to develop your website with you so that it becomes an integral part of your business plan.

We provide ongoing, continuous support which includes website development alongside all of our other services. This approach means that rather than charging a single large one-off sum, we charge a smaller monthly fee allowing us to be with your business every step of the way.

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How Do We Start?
Simply get in contact! As every business is unique, we always have a short conversation with new clients to find out a bit about their organisation. After that, we can recommend exactly what solutions we’ll need to start providing you with. There’s no obligation and we’re always happy to give advice out for free…

How Long Does It Take?
That depends on what you need – but we’ll be able to give you a very clear indication of timeframe alongwith an initial quote. We do pride ourselves on delivering as efficiently and quickly as possible, especially if you have projects that need to be and running as quick as possible.

How Do You Provide Ongoing Support?
All of our support is centralised through Atlassian JIRA & Service Desk to provide an online helpdesk for all of our customers. This means that we can easily track all changes you’d like making to your website – and you can easily find solutions to problems we’ve fixed in the past.

If you decide you’d rather speak to someone on the phone, we also use this system to provide written confirmation of points you’d like us to action. This means you’ve always got a written track record of all work carried out without any extra effort yourself.

How Can We Make Changes To The Website?
You can update and change your website as often as you like. You can either login and make the changes yourself, or simply outline the changes you’d like and we’ll handle everything for you.

What If We Don’t Have Any Professional Artwork?
No problem! We offer a professional in-house graphic design service including professional photography and even our own stock image library.

Can You Set Up My Emails Too?
Every website comes with emails on the domain name included (for example, We’ll be happy to set these up for you – it’s all included.

How Do We Cancel (Are We Tied In To Fixed Term Contracts)?
No, you can cancel a website with us at any time. Simply provide us with 30 days notice and we’ll cancel the Direct Debit.

E-Commerce (Selling Online)

Setting up a standalone e-commerce website can be an expensive process, especially when combined with the overheads of promoting your website as well.

That’s why we’ve developed our own shopping plugin. It has all of the features of a professional shopping cart, is mobile, tablet & App friendly and can be installed onto your website with just 4 lines of code.

Whether you have only one product or whether you run a medium sized business, our Shopping Plugin is the ideal solution to selling professionally online, at a fraction of the cost of a standalone e-commerce shopping cart.

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