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From individual Agile coaching & workshops to full business migration to an Agile workflow, we offer a range of consultancy & training options based on our own real-world business experiences.

Why Agile?

Agile is more than just project management. It’s a different way of thinking that will allow your business to adapt quickly to change, save money by empowering your teams to be smaller, self-organised and better motivated.

And how do we know this? Because we use Agile at Conical Sphere Media everyday.

Here are some of the main benefits in a nutshell…

Better Customer Satisfaction
Faster Tangible Results (Both In-House & for Clients)
Achieve More with Fewer Employees
More Efficient Task by Task Tracking & Reporting
Increased Communication within your Team
Adapt to Last Minute Requests from Clients
Make your Business Scalable
Increases your Business Value

Modern Thinking for a Modern World

The first step to becoming Agile is to change the fundamental way you approach projects. Rather than asking what needs to be done, we start by asking what the problem is and then working backwards.

A Story is a situation or end goal that the client/stakeholder wants.
“I want the room to be dark.”
If you can qualify your story by adding the reason behind your thinking, then even better.
“I want the room to be dark, …so that I can get to sleep better.”

From Stories, you can then break down a series of subtasks that will give you a tangible working todo list (Backlog).

Subtask 1: “Turn off ceiling light.”
Subtask 2: “Turn off computer monitor.”
Subtask 3: “Draw the curtains.”

As the story progresses, you may want to add more subtasks in – or some subtasks may become redundant as they might not be as important as you originally thought.

Make Everything Visible

With this basic approach in mind, the only next step you need to take is to make all of your stories and subtasks visible so that everyone on the team can track their progress.

With Agile, we use the Kanban board. A basic Kanban board is divided into three columns; “To-Do”, “In Progress” & “Done”. Every subtask is placed onto the Kanban board and members of the team choose which subtasks they’d like to do. Over time, as the items get moved across the board, the whole team can see the progress of the project and help identify problems.

agile kanban board

This means that you can tackle problems as you go along, rather than at the end of a project.

Recommended Solutions

You may be familiar with the stereotypical post-it note approach to a Kanban board. We actually prefer to be hyper-organised with everything on software.

We recommend the use of Atlassian products, including Confluence, JIRA, Bitbucket, Portfolio & Service Desk because these are the tools we use on a daily basis. These are enterprise grade, industry standard products that are straightforward to get up and running, but do require the additional knowledge of Agile methods in order to use them successfully.

The great thing is that becoming Agile can be a gradual process. Businesses we can help include;

Businesses looking to Cut Costs/Reduce Overheads without limiting their Workforce
Developing Businesses looking to Scale and Grow
Startup Businesses looking for fast ROI
Businesses looking to Improve Communications within their Team
Businesses preparing for Sale
Businesses who want Faster Turnaround with better Quality Control

Regardless of your business situation, we’ll help you make the transition to an Agile workflow. Not only making your business future proof & giving you the edge over competition, but also saving you real money in the process.

What Do We Offer?

Depending on what you want to achieve and where your business is, we offer a range of solutions including;

  • Group Agile Workflow Workshops
  • Individual Mentoring & Training
  • Fully Managed Software Solutions
  • Business Analysis and Roadmaps
  • Business Strategy & Growth Consultancy
  • Scrum Master Training

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough…”

We keep all of our training fun, flexible and tailored to your specific business needs. But above all, we make sure that everything is down to earth & supported with engaging, practical hands-on solutions.

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