Livestream Essentials For 2020

2020 has definitely been an unexpected year. One of the results of these unprecedented developments has been the turn towards digital services as a replacement for high capacity events. At the heart of these new digital replacements has been live-streaming.

As a media company involved in the facilitation of live events, including through our own community project One City One Light, livestreaming has been key for us to keep connected through this turbulent period.

We recently published a livestream demonstration for Rail Delivery Group’s Melvin Mayes about the essential elements needed for a professional livestream. You can watch that here:

We recently helped Young Enterprise livestream their award ceremony, facilitating the entire production for them. The key elements we used to produce this livestream for them are as follows:

  • Professional studio broadcast. We provided equipment, training & a script for the host.
  • Facilitation of guests including all the judges & young entrepreneurs who were being judged.
  • Multiple camera angles to focus on different participants & allow conversations between host & guests.
  • Incorporation of high quality branded graphics, video & imagery to make the livestream engaging and coherent.

Are you looking to livestream your event in 2020?

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