7 Easy Tips For Presenting On Camera

The first thing you should remember when presenting a video is that it’s not about you. It’s about your company and your product. So when someone watches your video, contrary to popular belief you are not being judged on what you look like. You are being judged on your story…

This usually helps focus minds a little before you shoot your video. But if you are struggling with what to say, here are some tips to help…

  • Start with your name and your position in the company.
  • Tell us a favourite moment from your project. Chances are that it will highlight a point you are trying to tell us anyway.
  • Tell us something you have learnt from the project.
  • Tell us something that you thought your company did really well.
  • End your story just by smiling at the camera for 5 seconds. That will give the editor a bit of breathing space to cut to the next person!
  • For the best results, try to link these points above back to what you are selling.

So if you are selling mouse-mats, then you might say:

“Hi, I’m Richard and I’m in charge of mouse-mat production at MouseMatts.com. My favourite moment was when we first came up with the concept as I we had so many new ideas on how we could make our mouse mats stand out. Developing our mouse mats was actually really difficult and I learnt that it actually took 12 weeks between designing the product to actually seeing the product in real life. But we really do have a product that stands out from other mouse mat competitors – the pink and yellow bubble-wrap mouse mat always makes me smile!”

See how you automatically discover about the product and the back story…


  1. Write out what you are going to say on a cue card.
  2. Learn the first and last sentence off by heart.
  3. Deliver the first line to the camera, then read out the rest of your presentation, and deliver the last line to the camera.
  4. When you edit together the video, cut to photos/videos/screenshots of the things that you are talking about whenever you are not looking at the camera.

We actually used this method when shooting this video. Toby was bit nervous doing his first ever piece to camera, but we used this method and he came out great.

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