New Online Rail Accreditation Testing Platform Launched

JourneyRight’s new online testing platform is now available to their clients.

Specific to the TIS Accreditation process laid out by Rail Delivery Group for retailers of rail tickets, the Retail Automated Testing (RAT) platform makes it possible to easily collate all of the test evidence & results together in one place making the process as efficient as possible.

“…It was while we were supporting JourneyRight in helping their clients go through the Accreditation process at Rail Delivery Group that we realised the process was extremely manual and ambiguous. As we were working with a variety of clients, we were able to put together a framework that would help us speed up the accreditation process. With that in place, we then developed a customer front-end and back-end API that would allow us to automate the process for us…”

Richard McLester | Creative Director, Conical Sphere Media

The platform allows users to begin with automated functional testing. Results are stored in reports that can be automatically cross-referenced with RSP compliance standards set out by Rail Delivery Group.

“…We used VueJS for the front-end portal as we wanted a really simple, clean, one page app. As we knew we’d want to integrate with other systems, all of the functionality was opened via in a modern rest API. The framework that then gave us is very similar to a journey planner as used by TIS retailers, but with the added ability that we can automatically cross-reference against the compliance standards and tests that RDG require for TIS Accreditation.”

Toby Gardner | Technical Lead, Conical Sphere Media

Watch the introductory video to discover more below:

To read more about RAT and how it can help streamline your Accreditation process, visit the JourneyRight website.

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