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Studio & Product Photography

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A Great Product Needs A Great Photograph

Even the best product doesn’t sell itself. We specialise in creating beautiful photographs that give customers the whole picture.

Perfect for Marketing & Publicity Material

Event Photography Capturing Your True Value

Images that Sell

Over 10 years of experience have taught us how to produce images that show off your products.

“… As soon as I had the images, the whole sales process came together…” Ted

Photos that Shine

Our photographs will ensure that people really get what your brand & product are all about before they buy.

“…From the set backdrop to the product itself, I loved what the team created…” Bill

Fast Turnaround

We can have a fully polished portfolio back to you by the end of the shoot. Plus access to all the RAW out-takes.

“As we were able to review all of the photos in real time, I really felt like I was part of their team…” Aisha

Some of our previous work…


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Working With Us


What does it cost?

We’re very competitive and our prices start from just £50 per hour… We also offer a range of preset packages that we will recommend.

When will I receive my pictures?

For time critical projects, we offer an express service where we can provide photos within 30 minutes of taking the shot… Otherwise we usually process most photos within 72 hours.

What camera do you have?

We firmly side with Canon (sorry Nikon lovers!). We love the Canon 5D Mark IV and all L series lenses.

How long will it take?

It completely depends on the project and how complicated the shoot is. It’s best to ask us and we’ll be able to give you a good idea from our previous experience.

Can you create films for us as well?

Yes! We have everything available in-house to make this happen and love combining both elements. Just let us know when you get in touch…

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