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Capture Your Magic

Social Media Photography Showcasing Your True Value

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Great Photos bring your Social Media to Life

Perfect for telling your stories online, we’ll go behind the scenes and capture the moments that make you special. Ideal for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more…

Promote Your Business Through The People That Make It Happen

Event Photography Capturing Your True Value

Photos That Draw People In…

Over 10 years of experience have taught us how to produce images that allow you to really stand out on social media.

“… My Twitter feed started to come alive and people kept coming into the shop to talk about the images!…” Sam

…And Communicate Your Message

Our photographs will ensure that people are familiar with those moments of magic that make you special.

“…It was really refreshing to have photographs that captured who we are perfectly…” Alice

Fast Turnaround

We can have a fully polished portfolio back to you by the end of the shoot. Plus access to all the RAW out-takes.

“Brilliant, we finished the day’s work and by the time I got home, there was a link to all the photos waiting there for me…” Steve

…There were so many great moments which I realised weren’t being seen. Having slick professional photographs to capture these moments was one of the best decisions I ever made…

A selection of our previous shots…

Like what you see?

And to prove our point, here are a selection of shots we’ve taken ourselves for our own social media…

Working With Us


What does it cost?

We’re very competitive and offer a fixed price package starting from just £299.

When will I receive my pictures?

We usually provide a processed portfolio of your the photos within 72 hours of coming to visit. For time critical projects, we also offer an express service where we can provide photos within 30 minutes of taking the shot…

What camera do you have?

We firmly side with Canon (sorry Nikon lovers!). We love the Canon 5D Mark IV and all L series lenses.

Can you help us post to Social Media?

Yes! As photography is only one of a range of media services we offer, we can offer anything from some basic Social Media training to running a full promotional campaign for you. Add it to the list…

How long does it take?

Being relaxed is an important part of the process so we always like to leave plenty of space to get to know you and your staff. A typical shoot will last a full working day giving us the opportunity make everyone feel comfortable with the camera being out.

Can you film us as well?

Yes! We have everything available in-house to make this happen and love combining both elements. Just let us know when you get in touch…

More Questions?

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