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300K Subscribers To Paying Customers

Fitness coach Tom Merrick aka BodyWeight Warrior has over 300K social media subscribers. Conical Sphere helped turn these subscribers into paying customers by creating a members-only portal and forum for Tom’s Website and App. Through this Tom has been able to successfully monetise his passion.

Body Weight Warrior

Visit the new members only portal and forum here: https://www.members.bodyweightwarrior.co.uk

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Turning Web Design On It’s Head

We recently created a new members-only portal for online fitness guru Tom Merrick aka the Bodyweight Warrior.

Here are 3 top tips we used to build his site…

Our 3 Top Tips:

1. Bespoke is better. A custom built website can be tailored exactly to the clients needs, will stand out from competitors and is much easier to update.

2. Keep your client close. Working closely with the client in an Agile framework gives them the flexibility to make changes without incurring extra costs.

3. Efficient MUI design. People want to find information quickly and simply. An efficient MUI design ensures that your website users get what they need
in a timeframe that suits them.

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New MEMBERS ONLY Portal for Bodyweight Warrior

We have been working with the Body Weight Warrior aka fitness coach Tom Merrick this past year, to develop a members only portal for his website.

The members only portal allows Tom to give his 150,000+ YouTube subscribers access to exclusive video content – helping him to monetise his passion.

Watch a walkthrough of the new website here:

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