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It’s been a pleasure creating a new video for Rail Delivery Group – about their Ticket Issuing Systems Accreditation process.

Producing everything in-house meant we could make it as affordable as possible for RDG – it also meant we had a lot of fun filming steam trains, animating and writing the music to go with the film!

As soon as the video has been officially launched we’ll post the link below

Part of the process involved filming former BBC Journalist and now Regional Director Robert Nisbet at The RDG headquarters. We also got the rest of the team involved in the filming – making them feel part of the process too.

“…It really feels like it’s our video, I love it…” Tracey (Rail Delivery Group)

See behind the scenes of our film shoot at Rail Delivery Group HQ… (Thanks to Stephen Hartley for taking some of these images)

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We have been working with the Body Weight Warrior aka fitness coach Tom Merrick this past year, to develop a members only portal for his website.

The members only portal allows Tom to give his 150,000+ YouTube subscribers access to exclusive video content – helping him to monetise his passion.

Watch a walkthrough of the new website here:

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We are very proud to have helped Richard McLester and his team gain national news coverage for their recent art project The Light.

We crafted Press Releases and original content for them, helping their project reach National News. It was featured on The Times, The Daily Mail Online and Sky News.

Watch Richard being interviewed by Sky News here:

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Not forgetting our roots, we’ve still been helping local, independent businesses with a range of media services. Most recently, this photo was taken to promote The Village Vine’s Christmas wine promotions as part of their festive flyer.

Doing both the graphic design and photography in-house ourselves, we were able to keep our costs down for Nic, owner of the shop.

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In 2015, artist Richard McLester and a small team designed and built The Light. The art installation, which is a 4 metre diameter globe of light hung in Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre 10 weeks over the 2015 Christmas period.

All of the 22 minute film was shot, edited, coloured and produced by Conical Sphere Media as part of the Conical Sphere Music project.

THE LIGHT Live Performance, Poole.

All work copyright Conical Sphere Music CIC 2016. All rights reserved.
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JIRA Icon We’re currently in the process of doing a major upgrade on our Online Helpdesk powered by JIRA.

Technically we’re upgrading from Atlassian JIRA 6.4.1 to 7.2 and Service Desk 2 to 3.2 and migrating the server to improve response time – but if that doesn’t mean anything(!), all you need to know is that you might find the Helpdesk unavailable today.

For more information, either check our Twitter page or keep track of the update with the live link here…